Industries We Work With

Our 10+ years of experience gives us invaluable cross-industry knowledge.

Our experience working with organizations in a diverse array of sectors and fields means we can customize a service package that exceeds your company’s needs and satisfies your industry’s regulatory needs.


Materials from healthcare facilities are recycled responsibly, and devices containing sensitive patient or organizational data are sanitized according to DOD standards.

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Financial Services

For financial services customers, we focus on the physical security of IT assets and the efficient sanitizing, recycling, refurbishing, and retiring of data-bearing equipment.

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Our custom, cost-effective lifecycle solutions meet the budgetary and IT needs of your educational institution.

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Fortune 1000

Our experience working with large corporations in many industries means we know exactly what it takes to design and implement a large-scale lifecycle program.

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Legislative Compliance

We're experts in the legal complexities of recycling in all 50 states and can create a legally compliant lifecycle program for your company.

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We offer customized recycling solutions shaped by years of collecting and recycling electronics nationwide.

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