Fortune 1000


You’ve spent years building your brand. It only makes sense to partner with a company that can help safeguard your brand from potential pitfalls surrounding environmental compliance and data security.


For more than a decade, Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations has worked with clients within the Fortune 1000 segment that represent a wide range of industries, including technology, pharmaceutical, financial and investment, manufacturing, and healthcare. We understand the value of your brand as well as the importance of your reputation in the marketplace. We’re sensitive to and knowledgeable about the environmental, security, compliance, and chain-of-custody challenges your organization faces when recycling and retiring IT equipment. When creating lifecycle programs for our clients, we focus on:

  • Ensuring Compliance: Dynamic helps customers navigate the complexities of compliance that arise with the more than 550 laws in the U.S. that govern IT asset disposition.

  • Providing Service to the Global Marketplace: With more than 47 Dynamic and partner processing facilities worldwide—including three Dynamic locations in the United States and coverage in Latin America—we provide customers with global solutions.
  • World-Class Data Security: Dynamic ensures the security of your sensitive customer and organizational data with processes that consistently meet and exceed the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) benchmarks, which are considered the “gold standard.”

  • Closed Loop Chain-of-Custody: By maintaining a closed chain-of-custody throughout all lifecycle processes, we avoid the risk of a security breach of your data-storing devices. Dynamic also offers a complete audit report that lists each person who worked with your assets and where the assets were located at all times.

  • Real-Time Reporting: Because IT asset disposition reporting often must be communicated to other areas of your organization, Dynamic offers immediate, proprietary, and secure online access to all of your reports, certificates, and financial settlements.

  • Environmental Sustainability: One of our top priorities is keeping hazardous materials out of landfills, which includes IT equipment as well as the toxic metals used to make the equipment, such as cadmium, lead, or mercury. Our recycling professionals adhere to the highest industry standards for environmental safety, particularly those that help prevent hazardous materials from entering landfills and waste streams.

  • Value Recovery: The most effective way to protect our environment from e-waste is to reuse equipment and components whenever possible.  Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations leads the industry in driving revenue back to our clients from the remarketing of IT assets. Not only does this help safeguard our environment, it also improves your bottom line.


We understand how critical it is to safeguard organizational and employee/client data all while managing security risks. Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations handles all steps in the data-sanitization process with the utmost care and integrity, and we adhere to the standards and requirements set forth by several governing bodies.

Dynamic is certified by six different environmental, workplace safety, and e-recycling organizations that verify we’re processing organizations’ IT equipment and private data safely and securely, including the R2 certification. With our experience and world-class IT asset disposition services, Dynamic can help not only protect your brand, but also your bottom line.