Legislative Compliance


The United States produces over 9 million tons of e-waste each year. Many states require electronics manufacturers to recycle this waste through unique legislative programs. With over 10 years’ experience in legislative program management and recycling, Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations has the knowledge and expertise to navigate these laws for you.

Legislative Program Compliance Experience You Can Depend On

Dynamic provides complete coverage to ensure manufacturer compliance in all legislated state electronic waste recycling programs, as well as offerings in non-extended producer responsibility (EPR) states. From registering your organization with each state, to collecting and demanufacturing the electronics required of you, Dynamic looks to consolidate and simplify the complex state programs for you while consistently meeting all environmental, health, and safety best-practices. Service offerings include:

  • Monitoring, consulting on, and discussing all EPR legislative changes with those directly involved in decision making at the government level
  • Serving as a liaison on behalf of manufacturers to the state departments’ agencies
  • Managing national mail-back programs, toll-free numbers, or any other producer responsibilities
  • Administering full-service plan development, submission, and approval, as well as all registration, reporting, and tracking requirements
  • Overseeing comprehensive collection and recycling networks and programs
  • Performing vendor due diligence and downstream processor management
  • Timely, accurate, and efficient reporting  

Comprehensive Capabilities to Reduce Your Risk

As the industry leader in legislative program management, Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations is committed to serving its electronics manufacturing customers’ needs with legal expertise, industry knowledge, and environmental responsibility. In addition, as a recycling processor, Dynamic is able to mitigate many risks by covering all aspects of the recycling process in-house and taking our product directly to those who are able to reuse it.