Do you need electronics picked up or help with management of an electronics recycling program? Certified destruction of your material? Help with facilitating an event open to your community? Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations has it covered. We have first-hand knowledge of what electronics collectors and recyclers need because we are in your shoes – we, too, are collecting material from residents, along with providing many other services.


Through our years of experience collecting and recycling electronics nationwide, Dynamic has come to understand exactly what it takes to operate a successful recycling business. From offering a dedicated in-house logistics department to custom reporting on material received and torn down, we have tailored our business to meet your needs.
  • Transportation: Let us take the stress out of moving your material. Simply let us know when you need material removed, and we’ll take care of getting the truck there. Through our in-house logistics department, we have the ability to remove all shipments, big or small. Dynamic owns both box trucks and semis, which means we can remove just one pallet or 50. If sending our own truck doesn’t make sense, we partner with 3rd-party logistics companies to come to your dock and pick up the material nationwide.
  • Demanufacturing: If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s breaking electronics down. While Dynamic is very well-known for specializing in TV, monitor, and computer demanufacturing, we can handle just about anything that has a battery, board, or cord. We’re even certified to remove refrigerant from any large appliances. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to cut out the middle man and take the commodities from your electronics directly to those who turn them into new products.

  • Reporting: All material received and recycled on a per-load basis will be inventoried, tracked, and recorded on a Certificate of Recycling that will be provided back to you. This allows you to demonstrate to your customers that their material was handled in the most environmentally-conscious way. If you need specific assets tracked by serial number, make, and model, Dynamic can record all necessary information and report that back as well. And if you need specific asset tags removed, every Dynamic team member that touches your material is trained to identify and remove all identifying markers located. You can also provide peace of mind to your customers with certified destruction, ensuring protection of their brand and their data. Certificates of destruction are provided to document the destruction of these materials.
  • Special Event Management: Whether you just need one person to help sort the material collected and remove it at the end of the day, or an entire team of people to run your event, Dynamic has you covered. We have expertise in managing events both big and small; from a single driver operating the lift gate on our box truck, to over two dozen team members staying on-site for a few weeks to load all of the necessary trailers. Dynamic can also meet any of your equipment takeout needs.
Let Dynamic take the stress out of your event by handling everything needed. Our team can manage your traffic flow, remove all electronics from your customers’ vehicles, sort materials, and facilitate the trucking required to remove all electronics at the end of the day. We’ll also stay on-site to clean your location of any debris to ensure sure it looks just as we found it. Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations electronics recycling services are specifically designed to make your job easier. Let us structure a customized plan that will accommodate your unique needs. If you don’t see what you need here, just ask!