This is the slogan.

Built to serve and understand your unique needs

Custom means you get exactly what you need—a program or service tailored to what makes your business successful, while giving you the accountability, security, and return on investment you expect.

To build a custom program, we get to know our customers inside and out and everything in between. The challenges. The hurdles. What works well for you and what you really wish would work better. We listen to our customers and get to know everything that makes their organization unique.

Our dedicated team gets to work forming a partnership that ends in your customized electronics and materials lifecycle program. You get unique strategies and custom reporting developed to serve your needs, not the needs of someone like you. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution.

Custom programming can cover procurement and logistics services, legislative program management, e-recycling, final disposition, and certified data destruction and even lease management, redeployment, inventory management, and warehousing, all areas in which we have proven expertise. Whatever your electronics and materials lifecycle management strategy, you can have absolute confidence that we will meet your organization’s goals and unique demands.

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations provides a cost-effective, scalable solution for responsible recycling and management of electronics, IT assets, and materials with the highest levels of security and protection from risk. When we put your plan into action, we customize our proven, rigorous processes to meet your needs, while also protecting the environment. We earn your trust with detailed, real-time reporting—the metrics that matter to you—and responsive, high-integrity services that make every custom program a success.

Count on it.