Data Security/Rigorous Processes

Take nothing for granted

We take nothing for granted and are absolutely committed to protecting our customers—their data, materials, IT assets, business interests, and our shared planet.

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations knows our customers need proof of that commitment, and we give it to them with real-time reporting. Our customers have the security of a clear line-of-sight through the full chain of custody as we safely manage the recycling, reuse, recovery, and retirement of electronic material.

You will know the job is done right. You will know how you are protected.

That is our promise to you. How do we back it up?

With unwavering commitment

  • We have built our processes and certifications to standards that give our customers the compliance and data protection they demand for all of their unique business needs.
  • We give all of our customers a clear line-of-sight to our certified downstream vendors, each of which is fully vetted by our most experienced team members, and to our internal security practices so you can see how we mitigate and remove risk throughout the chain of custody.
  • All incoming materials with data storing devices (for example, hard drives, tapes, disk drives) and/or removable data storage devices (for example, disks, CDs, DVDs, tapes) are identified in the receiving, sorting and teardown process.
  • Our receiving, sorting, and teardown personnel are trained to check for all data storage media within all received materials.
  • All data storage devices we identify as having reached the end of their lifecycle are destroyed through our shredding process. The residual material is further processed by an audited and certified downstream partner.
  • We use proprietary wiping software for data sanitization.
  • We customize that proprietary software to the needs of our customers, creating custom data overwriting and destruction programs as necessary.
  • When we overwrite data, every track, sector and cylinder of the hard disk is overwritten with predefined or random data. All existing data, including the operating system, are destroyed, making data recovery absolutely impossible.

Need more proof?

  • We collect all sensitive information and data from electronic equipment, devices, and other materials and destroy it to Department of Defense Standards.
  • All confidential customer materials and media will be processed for sanitization or destruction within 30 days from the date of the receipt, per National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) standards. Our customers will receive a certificate of data destruction.
  • We maintain a $10,000,000 pollution liability insurance policy, $10,000,000 cyber liability, and have a financially guaranteed closure plan to protect the long-term interests of our customers.
  • Our facilities are equipped with 24-hour, third party security monitoring, with access entry systems and more than 100 security cameras, and we require employee identification for all staff. Security footage is kept for a minimum of 90 days.
  • All of our facilities are accessible by key card access only.
  • Our employees are subject to a 7-year criminal background check and drug screening prior to employment. We do not employ individuals with felony convictions for burglary, theft, embezzlement, or fraud.

If you need to see it to believe it, we invite all of our customers to visit us and see for themselves just how seriously we take protecting our customers.

We know why you need it and we live our commitment to protecting our customers in all we do.