Security. Integrity. Sustainability.
We provide customized lifecycle solutions, and we do so with rigorous security processes and ecologically responsible practices.
Full-Service Electronics & Materials Lifecycle Management.
From e-recycling to materials recovery to refurbishment, we design custom strategies and implementation plans for securely managing your IT lifecycle needs.
12 Years of Dedication, Innovation, and Passion.
We’ve been safely and securely managing clients’ materials lifecycle programs for 10+ years. Our commitments to safeguarding our customers and the environment have guided us since day one.

Designing, Implementing, & Managing
Electronics and Materials Lifecycle Programs

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations is dedicated to creating secure and cost-effective solutions for the processing, recycling, and decommissioning of discarded materials and outmoded IT assets.

Legislative Recycling and Program Management
From legislative changes to mail-back programs, Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations can provide comprehensive and cost-effective services to original equipment manufacturers of all sizes.
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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)
Our ITAD services include data sanitization and destruction, refurbishment and remarketing, asset transportation, and status reporting.
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Electronics Recycling
Our e-recycling division processes electronic equipment and components for refurbishment and resale or end-of-life recycling.
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Materials Recovery
We process electronic, non-ferrous scrap, precious metals, and complex materials to the commodity level for end-market applications that meet our quality and security standards.
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IT Hardware Sales
Our value-recovery team identifies opportunities for refurbishing and reselling outmoded equipment and components, which can maximize ROI.
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We offer point-to-point logistics and transport services so you can be sure your assets arrive intact and your data remains confidential.
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Comprehensive, Secure, & Sustainable
Electronics and Materials Lifecycle Management

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations has more than 12 years of experience creating electronics and materials lifecycle programs for organizations in a wide array of industries. Our rigorous security processes make it easy for you to feel confident all assets are processed in accordance with government, industry, and environmental regulations, and all data is diligently protected.

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Certifications | Memberships | Registrations

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations is certified by key industry organizations that govern how IT assets and digital data are handled during various electronics and materials lifecycle management processes. Learn more about individual certifications, memberships, and registrations.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001





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Join the Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations Team

If you’re interested in a career helping businesses recycle responsibly and reduce their carbon footprints, consider joining the Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations team. Our team members are high-integrity people who care deeply about protecting the environment and are constantly striving to be better and do better, both as individuals and as teammates.

We’re passionate about caring for our customers, their businesses, and the earth we all share, and if you are too, we want to hear from you.