Meet the People Operations Team

Our People Operations Team

Vice President of People Operations

“I am privileged to serve as the Vice President of People Operations at Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations. Commonly referred to as HR, People Operations here is positioned to “break the mold” and take an innovative, out-of-the-box approach to traditional HR. We make sure we have the best people, are a Best Place to Work, and have an internal and external talent pipeline to support our business growth.”

Talent Acquisition Director

“As the Talent Acquisition Director, you could say that people are my #1 priority. Without magnificent talent, we wouldn’t be a Great Place to Work. Talent Acquisition has the critical responsibility of attracting the best talent, and I count it as a privilege to be part of your journey!

Talent Acquisition Partner

“I have the opportunity to unite talented individuals in their careers.  My role grants me the ability to meet new people, watch as they make a daily impact on their teams, and support the continued growth!”

Learning and Development Director

“In my learning and development role, I have the honor of helping team members achieve their personal and professional potential. In partnership with so many, I am here to help team members get the skill, knowledge, and ability necessary to be their best.”

Senior People Operations Business and Learning Partner
“As the Senior People Operations Business and Learning Partner, I have the pleasure of supporting the development and engagement of our team members! I am honored to support our teams through programs that work to develop an engaged workforce, to succeed and a passion for what they do.”


People Operations Associate Business Partner

“In my role, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to strategically support our teams by assisting with people programs that empower, enable, and engage. I am excited to work with you as an accessible partner to answer questions, provide guidance, and connect you to any resources you may need!” 

People Operations Associate Business Partner

“In my role, I partner with all things people throughout the business. In practice, this means I integrate into our teams as an accessible resource to help you celebrate wins, and work through challenges during your time here. I’m eager to connect on anything you may need!”

People Operations Supervisor

“I get to be a part of your journey with Dynamic from day 1, and I’m here for any questions you may have into the future! As the People Operations Supervisor, I’ll be your first point of contact for onboarding, orientation, and benefits enrollment, but I’m happy to assist with anything you need.”

People Operations Coordinator

“As the People Operations Coordinator, I support team members through onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration. I am passionate about our team member’s wellbeing, and it is my pleasure to provide support through various programs and benefits we have to offer.

Workplace Experience Administrator

“As your Workplace Experience Administrator, it is my privilege to take your work experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary! Allow me to connect you with others who share your passion, interests, goals, and values through our exciting programs and benefits.”

First Impression Ambassador

“Dynamic service begins with the “first impression” people encounter when they call or walk through our door. I make sure everyone receives star treatment and feels welcomed. I am grateful to have the opportunity to provide that experience and can’t wait to meet you.”

First Impression Ambassador

“Specific experiences can brighten a person’s day, and that’s what I strive for each day. I’m the cheerful voice on the other end of the phone, assisting with answers and the smiling face as you walk through the door, helping you get where you need.”