Bringing unparalleled experience to customize your ITAD needs

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). In addition to customizing a service plan for your needs, our experience working with many different types of organizations and industries — from healthcare and educational institutions to financial and Fortune 1000 companies — means we understand and process all materials in accordance with the regulatory requirements that pertain to your business.

By managing your specific compliance needs — and providing added reassurance every step of the way — we can better protect your business interests, the value of your brand and your reputation in the marketplace, and the environment.

Specialized expertise & cross-industry knowledge

Think Dynamic Solutions Healthcare ITAD Data Security. Healthcare workers discussing a treatment plan.


We’re sensitive to and knowledgeable about the environmental, security, compliance, and chain-of-custody challenges healthcare clients face when recycling and retiring IT equipment. When creating lifecycle programs for healthcare clients, we focus on maintaining the security and privacy of patient data.

All equipment and materials from healthcare organizations are recycled safely and responsibly, and all data destroyed or sanitized in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards and your company’s internal security standards.

Think Dynamic Solutions Manufacturing Data Security.


Whether it’s due to limited shelf life, recalls or defects, many manufactured devices such as TVs, appliances, electronic devices and durable goods can’t be legally sold. We step in to help manufacturers and distributors of such devices decommission and recycle those products that need to be removed from the marketplace, all while meeting strict legislative compliance guidelines.

The coverage we provide helps ensure compliance in all legislated state electronic waste recycling programs, as well as offerings in non-Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) states. From registering your organization with each state, to collecting and de-manufacturing the required electronics, we can simplify your compliance with state programs for you while consistently meeting all environmental, health and safety best practices.

Think Dynamic Solutions Financial Services. Bank teller hands customer a check.

Financial Services

Dynamic helps customers ensure compliance with key regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), which governs the protection of private financial information. These privacy protections regulate financial institutions, which include businesses engaged in banking, insuring, stocks and bonds, and financial advice.

We also help financial clients protect investors through compliance with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which protects financial and personal customer information. Firms are required to have policies and procedures addressing the protection of customer information and records. Regulation protects against unauthorized access to or use of customer records and information.

Think Dynamic Solutions higher education data security. College students working on computers in the library.

Higher Education

There are more than 120 state and federal laws governing how schools collect, use, and protect student data. We’re experienced in maintaining the privacy of student data (in accordance with FERPA requirements) through the deployment of physical, technical, and procedural safeguards. You and your institution can be certain all equipment and materials are recycled safely and responsibly, and all digital data is destroyed or sanitized to NIST 800-88 and DoD 5220.22m standards.

Dynamic solutions technology data security. Person creating components of a computer.


In addition to our manufacturing partners, we work with many companies that design, produce, or distribute electronic devices and components, such as computers and related equipment, computer services and software, and scientific instruments. We support technology companies by addressing the unique environmental, security, compliance, and chain-of-custody challenges associated with fully decommissioning and recycling electronic equipment, reducing risk of violating environmental or legislative regulations.

Assurances for every industry

While business needs may differ by industry, every customer we serve reaps the benefits of our careful processes, expertise, compliance certifications and unyielding commitment to security, value recovery and the environment.

Chain of custody & data protection

By maintaining a closed chain-of-custody throughout all lifecycle processes, we avoid the risk of a security breach of your data-storing devices. We also offer a complete audit report that lists each person who worked with your assets and where the assets were located at all times.

Industry certifications

We understand how critical it is to safeguard organizational and employee/client data and manage security risks. We’re certified by six different environmental, workplace safety, and e-recycling organizations that verify we’re processing organizations’ IT equipment and private data safely and securely. Click here to see a full list of our certifications.

Increasing value recovery

We’re dedicated to helping clients in every industry get the highest return possible on their initial IT investments and always identify equipment and components that qualify for resale or refurbishment.

Environmental protection

One of our top priorities is keeping hazardous materials out of landfills, the toxic metals used to make IT equipment. Our recycling professionals adhere to the highest industry standards for environmental safety, particularly those that help prevent hazardous materials from entering landfills and waste streams.

Make the most of your materials

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