Worldwide services to better protect the planet

Sustainability is — and should be — a global responsibility. From data protection to environmentally sustainable disposition, companies everywhere deserve high-quality IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services.

As the #1 industry leader for global reach, Dynamic’s worldwide coverage allows us to provide organizations of all sizes secure, cost-effective, and compliant ITAD solutions. With decades of experience, we can simplify the complexities of global IT asset disposition, offering flexible, single-source global risk management programs in more than 100 countries across six continents.

Map showing global capabilities of Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations

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Simplifying logistics & compliance through better communication

No matter what part of the world you do business in, your needs and requirements are handled by Dynamic. We work with exclusive global partners to coordinate and manage the collection and recycling of redundant IT assets.

Our full-spectrum ITAD services include:

Secure chain of custody

Our trusted resources provide you with a secure chain of custody while reducing transportation and overall service costs. Our global partners also help ensure compliance with local environmental legislation on a county-by-country basis.

Risk management programs

Processing equipment and data to comply with constantly evolving regulatory requirements can be easily overlooked. As leaders in designing and implementing custom disposition plans, we maintain expertise in these areas, and provide risk management programs that create value for your company.

Mobility Devices

In addition to processing traditional enterprise and IT assets, our ITAD services network provides comprehensive lifecycle management solutions for mobility devices worldwide.

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