Materials Recovery

We process electronic, non-ferrous scrap, precious metals, and complex materials to the commodity level for end-market applications that meet our quality and security standards.
Materials Recovery


Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations processes electronics, precious metals, non-ferrous scrap, and other non-metal materials through our state-of-the-art systems, ensuring maximum recovery and competitive value for our customers. We can handle any and all of our customers’ materials lifecycle needs by creating customized solutions for difficult and even complex scrap. In partnership with our customers, we protect the planet and keep reusable materials out of landfills and waste streams.

Innovative Worldwide Solutions

Our advanced logistics capabilities enable us to ship and transport materials around the world, in any quantity. These capabilities give us a sweeping global reach that few other materials recovery companies can match.

Industry-Leading Customer Experience

Pile of computer componentsAs a leader in the industry, Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations provides its customers certainty that their electronics, precious metals, and non-ferrous scrap are processed safely, securely, and sustainably. We track materials throughout their lifecycle, ensuring reusable materials go to environmentally responsible facilities that comply with government and industry regulations. We regularly conduct thorough audits of our processes and facilities to ensure they adhere to certification requirements as well as our own strict internal standards.

Vendor Quality Assurance

Ensuring vendor quality is critical to our scrap-processing operations; we understand our customers want and need their scrapped materials to be handled with the utmost safety and security. We’ve established long-term relationships with our partners, vendors, and smelters and regularly conduct thorough audits of their processes and facilities to ensure they adhere to R2 and ISO 14001 certification requirements as well as our own strict internal standards.

Materials We Accept for Recovery

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations processes a variety of electronic, precious metal, non-ferrous, and non-metal materials. We can also customize a plan for your entire operation as well as create a recovery solution for complex or hard-to-recycle items. Below is a sample list of common materials we accept. Please contact us for additional information or for materials not listed.


  • Green fiber: green plastic CPUs(p3, AMD, etc.)
  • Black fiber: black plastic CPUs(Pentium and Celeron)
  • LGA(no pins): various ceramic CPUs with no pins
  • Pentium 1 and AMD ceramic: Pentium 1 and AMD ceramic, no gold or aluminum plates
  • Pentium Pro
  • Intel Ceramic 386/486/i960
  • Gold top: gold plate on top of ceramic CPU
  • Gold bottom: gold plate on the bottom of ceramic CPU
  • Gold top and bottom: gold plate on top and bottom of ceramic CPU
  • AMD with aluminum top
  • Slot CPU: slot CPU with CPU attached (plastic removed)
  • CPUs with heatsinks: determined on CPU value and heatsink weight


  • Gold and silver RAM: All RAM from CPUs, laptops, and servers

Computer Scrap

  • Hard drives with boards (shredded by Dynamic employees)
  • Hard drives without boards (shredded by Dynamic employees)
  • Shredded hard drives (with or without board)
  • Floppy drives, CD drives, and DVD drives
  • Power supplies from CPUs or servers with wire
  • Power supply with wire
  • Power supplies from CPUs or servers without wire
  • Copper aluminum heatsinks from computers
  • Plastic fans from computers

Whole Units

  • General residential electronics
  • Commercial electronics
  • Medical equipment (sanitized)
  • IT equipment (PC towers, laptops, servers, printers, and peripherals)
  • Non-electronic general products for certified destruction


  • Li-Ion: dry cell only. Terminals must be taped.
  • Li-Primary: dry cell only. Terminals must be taped.
  • Ni-Cd: dry cell only. Terminals must be taped.
  • Ni-Mh: dry cell only. Terminals must be taped.
  • Lead Acid: palletized and shrink wrapped with cardboard between layers

Miscellaneous Items

  • Cell phones without batteries
  • Mixed degaussing wire
  • Copper degaussing wire
  • Copper yokes from TVs and monitors
  • Copper transformers from electronics
  • Computer cables: electrical and ribbon wire from electronics, based on 25–30%
  • Network equipment: routers, hubs, switches, modems, etc.
  • Baled ABC: plastic from T.V.s, monitors, CPUs, miscellaneous electronics, and electronics plastic, etc. (34,000lb. minimum)
  • Power strips and surge protectors with wires and plugs
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Ink jet and toner cartridges
  • Commercial/manufacturing/industrial scrap material