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Managed service providers (MSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs) deliver a robust and growing spectrum of IT services, from hardware and software deployment to cloud computing and cybersecurity. But your MSP or VAR business may be overlooking a service — IT asset disposition (ITAD) — that could substantially benefit both you and your clientele.

In a nutshell, ITAD answers the question: “How do you responsibly manage IT assets that have reached the end of their useful life?” And here are five reasons ITAD could fit perfectively into your service portfolio:

REASON #1: Complements current data security offerings
Chances are, you already offer managed security products and services. But can you help safeguard the data that resides on your clients’ decommissioned IT hardware?

Data breaches occur on a regular basis, exposing companies to lawsuits and penalties. In many instances, these breaches result from the improper handling of decommissioned computer equipment. A comprehensive and capable ITAD solution will prevent this from happening by ensuring the complete destruction of sensitive data on end-of-life assets, in accordance with the most stringent national standards.

REASON #2: Creates new revenue streams
Adding ITAD to your portfolio opens the door to multiple streams of revenue generated by a menu of services. But ITAD also comes with “hidden” revenue opportunities from the recoverable value in decommissioned IT assets. Typically, many of these devices can be refurbished and resold to wholesale and retail buyers. In other cases, you can capture revenue through the resale of IT components, precious metals, and non-ferrous scrap.

REASON #3: Demonstrates environmental stewardship
The reuse and responsible recycling of IT assets keep electronics out of landfills (and out of substandard processing facilities in other countries). ITAD is inherently “green,” meaning it’s good for the earth, good for your brand, and consistent with the values of most client organizations.

REASON #4: Dovetails with the work-from-home trend
Working remotely has become the new norm under the COVID-19 pandemic. For employers, it can be challenging to meet the ITAD needs of a widely dispersed workforce. However, this opens the door for you to reduce a burden on your clients by securely taking back end-of-life IT hardware. You can take it a step further by supplying your clients’ employees with refurbished devices — an important consideration at a time of hardware shortages.

REASON #5: Contributes to client retention and growth
ITAD isn’t just another addition to your service portfolio. It’s a solution to an increasingly complex set of issues your clients must address…and they’re looking for help! By offering ITAD services, you remove a substantial burden from their shoulders. Along the way, you’ll elevate your competitive edge and help boost your organization’s client retention and growth.

Choose the right ITAD partner

Doing ITAD the right way isn’t easy. But choosing the right ITAD partner is. At Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations, we specialize in ITAD and have earned a reputation for:

  • The comprehensiveness of our services
  • Our global reach
  • Compliance with the highest certification standards
  • Cost-effectiveness

In short, partnering with Dynamic helps ensure that you and your clients will achieve your goals for risk mitigation and return on investment. Read more about our ITAD services right here. You can also download our free white paper, “Must-Ask Questions for Evaluating an IT Asset Disposition Vendor.”


Miranda is Global Director of Technology Partners at Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations. You can reach her at mmonahan@thinkdynamic.com.