AI for a More Human Talent Acquisition Experience

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Counterintuitive, perhaps, but artificial intelligence can create a more personal and more human experience in the Talent Acquisition (TA) process. At Dynamic, we endeavor to push the envelope in all areas of business, striving for Excellence through Innovation – one of our company core values. This continuous improvement principle is instilled across the organization from production, to finance, to people operations (HR). So it was no surprise to the team when we introduced our newest Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Aila. This new team member, however, is powered by code rather than coffee.

We’ve only dipped our toes into the ocean of AI, but after a year with Aila on our team, we can’t imagine life without her. I’ve listened to professionals in the recruiting world discuss the inevitable introduction of artificial intelligence with every emotion from cautious excitement to a sense of impending doom. I’m here to share our experience and ease concerns that AI will take the human element out of recruiting. Our scheduling bot has freed up our recruiting team to spend less time coordinating meetings. Aila has allowed us more time making personal connections with candidates and hiring teams. By introducing AI, we’ve been able to:

  • Decrease candidate waiting time in the application review
  • Decrease recruiter email and voicemail volume
  • Increase the number of candidate touchpoints
  • Decrease average time to fill positions

The squishier benefits are equally as powerful. Candidates receive responses to their questions faster, and most never know they’ve been chatting with a bot. With less time on coordination, recruiters spend more time strategically partnering with hiring teams, discussing feedback with candidates, keeping up with best practices and trends, and analyzing data for better decision making. Projections indicate that the future of recruiting will include automated candidate sourcing, voice and facial analysis in interviews, algorithm-driven application review, and so much more. This kind of radical change doesn’t come without challenges, and not every solution will be the right solution. However, if you’ve been worried that AI is here to take the human touch out of Talent Acquisition, I’m happy to ease those fears. Instead, artificial intelligence has allowed our team to focus on the very human, irreplaceable power of connection.