An interview with Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources

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Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations has fostered authentic and meaningful relationships throughout the years, one of them being with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. In the following interview, (virtually of course), I talked with e-cycle coordinator, Sarah Murray and dove into e-cycling and the Wisconsin DNR’s initiatives.

Dynamic: Has the Wisconsin DNR seen a change in the current environment with electronic recycling?
WI DNR: Over the years, as it has gotten more expensive to recycle electronics, we get more questions about why there is cost and what really happens to the electronics. There are also more reasons why consumers need to think about how they will manage electronics when done with them: many more devices contain personal data. Many portable devices have lithium-ion batteries that pose a fire risk if not managed properly. Even though newer electronics have fewer toxic materials, like lead and mercury, consumers need to understand why and how to recycle electronics.

Dynamic: Why does the Wisconsin DNR consider electronic recycling so important?
WI DNR: Many electronics have materials/components that need to be handled properly to prevent harm to workers and the environment. These include lead, mercury, lithium-ion batteries, and chemical flame retardants. More and more electronics also contain personal data that we want to have correctly wiped or destroyed. At the same time, electronics include many valuable materials that can be reused or recycled. Recycling or reusing these materials lessens environmental impacts and economic costs by reducing the need for virgin materials in new products. Using electronics for longer and reusing and recycling them also reduces greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change.

Dynamic: Can you tell me about the Wisconsin DNR recycling program campaign?
WI DNR: Our surveys of Wisconsin households have shown that many people still don’t know where or how to recycle their electronics. So, every year, we plan outreach campaigns to educate people about the importance of recycling electronics and how to do it through E-Cycle Wisconsin. This year, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of the program. So that’s a big focus of the social media and advertising we are doing, celebrating the program’s success and raising awareness.

Dynamic: Can you tell us why the Wisconsin DNR values the partnership with Dynamic?
WI DNR: We often get questions about what happens to electronics recycled through E-Cycle Wisconsin, so we were very excited to update our video explaining this process. Dynamic was very welcoming and a tremendous help to our staff, allowing us to be on-site for two days getting the photos and videos we needed. The Dynamic team put in a lot of their own time to help make the video happen. It’s great to show what high-tech recycling looks like in Wisconsin, and hopefully make more people comfortable recycling their electronics.


Preventing the release of personal data, reducing risk, and protecting people and the planet from toxic materials are a few reasons why recycling electronics is so essential. Wisconsin residents have an opportunity to make an impact on their communities by choosing to recycle their electronics. Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations is happy to partner with the Wisconsin DNR to inform the community of why recycling is important. Dynamic is committed to protecting the environment from e-waste and other pollutants by keeping reusable materials out of the world’s waste streams. Together with Wisconsin DNR, we can positively make an impact, one recycled electronic at a time.

If you’d like to see our partnership in action check out the Wisconsin E-Cycle video.