Making recycling easy.

Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations is dedicated to comprehensive, secure, and environmentally friendly electronics and materials recycling practices. That’s why we make it easy for you to recycle your electronics.

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We provide a convenient mail-back program available to consumers to recycle legacy electronic equipment. For consumers who need to recycle electronic equipment produced by one of the manufacturers listed below, you may be eligible to take advantage of our free mail-back program—call (877) 781-4030 or email to find out or if you have questions.

Certain states have additional legislative requirements for manufacturer mail-back programs.  If you reside in one of the following states, click for more information:

Our OEM customers and the consumers who have purchased their electronics can have absolute confidence that materials returned through our mail-back program are recycled following state and federal laws, industry regulations, and our internal environmental safety policies. We operate by the industry’s most stringent environmental and quality certifications.