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The decommissioning of information technology (IT) assets comes with numerous questions, as well as potential risks. For vendors serving network and telecommunications service providers, a crucial consideration is: What’s the best end-of-life value recovery option for circuit boards received from clients, i.e., those containing precious and non-precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, or copper?

Certainly, you can work directly with a smelter, as some vendors in this space do. But is this your best choice? I encourage you to consider a different approach — partnering with Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations — to facilitate value recovery from your customers’ telecom and network communications boards. Following are four key advantages to consider:

MORE PREDICTABLE PAYMENT — In a direct relationship with a smelter, you may receive payments that fluctuate significantly, depending on market conditions. If the value of metals fall, your payment may be lower. At Dynamic we’ll quote you a market-based price, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience with IT asset valuations. In addition, we possess the ability to hedge pricing, reducing the risk in volatile market situations. Bottom line: With Dynamic you know the exact amount you’ll receive, regardless of market fluctuations.

BETTER PAYMENT TERMS — Smelters commonly stipulate a 90+-day payment window. Working with Dynamic, you’ll get paid up to 75% faster, thanks to our large volume of materials and our strong relationships with smelters. Your accounts receivable and accounting departments will thank you!

STREAMLINED LOGISTICS — It can be a major challenge to arrange your own transportation of materials to a smelter, whether it involves rail or overseas container. At Dynamic, our full-service logistics team will arrange to pick up your boards virtually anywhere in the country. Plus, you won’t have money tied up in containers waiting to be filled and shipped (see next item).

NO MINIMUM QUANTITY — That’s right, you can call Dynamic for a pick-up, regardless of the quantity. You’ll get boards out the door and processed more quickly — which translates to enhanced cash flow and faster return on investment.

An easier, more rewarding alternative

In summary, Dynamic aims to earn your IT asset value recovery business, on behalf of your customers, by making the process as easy and rewarding as possible. Providing peace of mind through risk reduction is also one of our top priorities — and not just by offering set pricing, but by following the most stringent industry practices for protecting any sensitive data contained on the circuit boards you entrust to us. Click here to request a consultation and pricing sheet.

Dave Farrow is director of trading at Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations. Please feel free to contact him at