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Here’s a riddle: Which information technology (IT) assets are used in every corner of an organization, yet the average person may not even regard them as “IT assets?” Hint: There’s a good chance you’re holding one in your hand right now. That’s right, I’m talking about mobile devices — smartphones and tablets.

Why do I bring this up? Because, many businesses and organizations don’t consider alternatives for the disposition of their mobile devices. “Let’s just let <Insert Name of Wireless Carrier> take care of them” is a common sentiment. But you do have options. Specifically, I invite you to consider Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations IT asset disposition (ITAD) services for managing your mobile devices.

REASON #1: Data security is our top priority.
At Dynamic we apply the same stringent data security measures to mobile devices as we do to any IT asset. This includes compliance with Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards, as well as certification by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). We use data-wiping software designed specifically for mobile devices by Blancco, a global leader in data erasure.

REASON #2: We maintain full chain of custody.
From pick-up at your facility, to arrival at our ultra-secure processing facility, all of your mobile devices remain under our strict control and supervision. Furthermore, we make sure no device leaves our facility for resale, remanufacturing, or recycling until it’s undergone complete data wiping or destruction — and we’ll provide you with the certificates to prove it.

REASON #3: It’s easy and convenient to work with us.
We go the extra mile to simplify and streamline your experience with us throughout the entire ITAD process. A key advantage of working with Dynamic is our flexibility: You can schedule a bulk shipment from a centralized facility or the pick-up of individual devices from multiple locations. If you already use our ITAD services, you can easily add mobile devices to your IT asset stream. And, if you’re searching for an ITAD partner that can handle all of your IT assets (including mobile devices) look no further than Dynamic!

REASON #4: We’ll reward your bottom line.
If you’ve relied on a wireless carrier for buy-backs, you may be pleasantly surprised at the return Dynamic can bring you from the sale of devices that are refurbished and materials that are recovered from end-of-life processing.

Think beyond status quo
We’d love to talk to you about all the reasons to make Dynamic your mobile device disposition partner. Click here to request a consultation and pricing information.

Jeremy Olson is the Corporate Sales Director at Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations. You can reach him at jolson@thinkdynamic.com.